Election Day Open Thread

Happy Election Day! Polls are open from now until 7:30pm. If you're out voting today, what are you seeing at your polling place? If you're working a polling site, how's turnout looking where you are?



OWASA was hopping this morning, which is unusual. I was voter number 71 at 8:00 am. Voters were waiting for booths to become available.

I voted early (my precinct = Patterson) but just finished a shift as a greeter at Country Club (Paul Green Theather).  There was a slow, but steady number of students who came in to vote.  All seemed pleased to received the OCDP voter guide.

At Kings Mill my wife and I were voters 62 and 63 at 7:55 AM. I worked the Democratic Party table for the next two hours and there were about 60 voters per hour. Lots of voters wanted info on the judges. I drove and biked to precincts around UNC campus. There seemed to be a steady flow of voters. The UNC  Young Democrats were passing out info on campus on voting sites and candidates. They were getting a good reception. The Daily Tar Heel had a map showing the locations of near by polling placings. (Like most college towns the students are divided in 5 + precincts.) I received only one political mailing today Tuesday. It was from the National office of Sierra Club saying to for Hagan and Price. The State Sierra Club sent their mailings last month.


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