CH Transit Financial Sustainability presentation Monday evening

Chapel Hill Transit Director Brian Litchfield, joined by consultants from Nelson/Nygaard Associates, will present to a Town Council work session at 6 PM January 5th, in Room B of the Public Library, on the draft "Transit Strategic and Financial Sustainability Plan."

Link to the work session materials:

The work session will open with a presentation (no materials yet available) by Budget Management Director Ken Pennoyer, "Economic and Financial Update."  This will be the first of two or three presentations this month in preparation for the Council's annual planning retreat, January 30th and 31st.


The Town Council work session this past Monday actually had three substantial presentations: the first, an overall financial update from Business Management director Ken Pennoyer; the second, an intro to Chapel Hill Transit's current financial status from CHT director Brian Litchfield; the third, an analysis by one of the CHT consultants, Bethany Whittier, on options for funding transit in the long term. 

The link to those is here:

A presentation from October 15 is also there. Personally, I appreciate that because I was on medical hiatus then, and therefore able to take calls from old friends for my birthday, which totally interfered with paying attention to the livestreamed meeting...


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