Sunday Open Thread: 36 Hours in Chapel Hill-Carrboro

In case you missed it (in the event that all of your Facebook friends didn't post it), the New York Times posted a "36 Hours in Chapel Hill-Carrboro" video and piece last week. The video features several local restaurants and bars, including Al's Burger Shack, ONE Restaurant, the Baxter Bar & Arcade, Neal's Deli, among others, and local attractions like the NC Botanical Gardens, Ackland Art Museum, and the Carolina Basketball Museum.

The editors of OrangePolitics thought the video was superb and truly highlighted some of the best food, drinks, and attractions in our community. But we did want to ask you: What do you think the NY Times missed that is a must-see if you're just dropping in for a few days? Let us know in the comments.



Since TRU opened a couple years ago, it's been a favorite place of mine to have a great glass of wine and enjoy a pleasant evening in Chapel Hill. It's also great for lunch, with their fresh, build-your-own sandwiches.

I also love Lucha Tigre's Asian-Latin fusion food and would certainly recommend it as a place to enjoy for anyone visiting.

I'll second those two recommendations and add two more of my own:

Kipo's in the Courtyard is wonderful, and when the weater is nice it's a great place to sit outside and peoplewatch. And of course, Mediterranean Deli is a town treasure, with huge varities of great middle eastern food.

Oh, and  of course there's Sandwich, which makes some excellent sandwiches and some delicious fries. I guess that's three recommendations, but whatever.

I know folks always like to talk about how downtown was so much better back in the day, and how nobody goes there anymore because it's so hard to park etc., but there are so many great places to eat. And there's Glasshalffull in Carrboro and... ok, I'll stop now.


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