Bike and Sidewalk Safety and connectivity

I just sent this to the mayor and council email. Everytime I bike or drive by the ghost bike I promise myself I am going to say something so now or never. The bikepath/sidewalk on the up/north side is officially one way even for the the segment that takes one from the Bolin Creek Greenway to the stop light where one can cross safely to go various directions.  "I am sorry to see that after six months the solution to the accidents near Hillsborough and MLK is a sign saying do not enter. When Bolin Creek Greenway reaches MLK many people will want to ride their bike south to the Hillsborough MLK intersection to go in various directions. It makes no sense to prohibit that movement. If you are worried about the driveways just place warning signs at those points. (Are joggers also prohibited from running that way.) As an aside when our son was young our rule when riding on the sidewalk was to stop, look and walk at all driveways but I do believe it should be the drivers responsibility to make sure it is safe to eneter or leave a drive. This is the area where I was hit by a car while on a bike 10 years ago and I notice that the share the road sign  still has not been moved across from the greenway exit. I was told this change would be made years ago. (I'm glad to read that there will be a tunnel under the road but there still needs to be above ground movement in all directions. Also the bikepath along 15-501 near the Rainbow Soccer fields has suffered severe erosion from two years ago. There are some steep drop offs by the path that need to be filled (with soil and not giant hard rocks) and the fence which has bent with sharp pieces of metal facing the pathway also needs to be fixed. Finally the sidewalk along 15-501/54 by the Botanical Garden has some very fast growing poison ivy vines that people using the walkway needs fixing."


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