sidewalk safety

After reading this in the Nicaragua News I has to share this. I do think the sidewalks are better here than in Managua but a number of intersections lack safe, easy ways to cross.

7. New street improvements forget pedestrians, including President Ortega

In a story that would be funny if it were not for the fact that 130 Nicaraguan pedestrians have lost their lives this year through the end of August, President Daniel Ortega experienced personally the lack of planning for foot traffic as Managua adds its infrastructure to “improve” traffic flows. When Ortega went to inaugurate a new overpass in the Rubenia district, it was discovered that no pedestrian crossings had been included in the project. After having to be helped across a concrete wall and jumping to the ground, the unamused president ordered city engineers to build pedestrian bridges within 90 days. Architect and city planner Orlando Rodriguez used the story to highlight what he believes to be a lack of strict rules governing new public and private construction and the need to take pedestrian safety into account. He also said that in order to reduce pedestrian deaths, there is a need for greater road safety education. In addition to poor pedestrian access, he faulted reckless walkers, inattentive drivers and the lack of clearly marked crosswalks as the sources of the fatalities. (El Nuevo Diario, Sept. 13)


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