Orange County School Board Gets Two New Members, For Now

The Orange County Schools Board of Education has appointed two new members to fill vacancies on the board.

Millicent RaineyOn January 13th, the board appointed Millicent Rainey, a former district employee, to complete the unexpired term of Lawrence Sanders, who resigned from the board last fall to pursue a professional opportunity. Rainey will serve on the board until June. A new board member will take office at that time—presumably Efland-Cheeks Elementary parent Matthew Roberts, who was the only nonincumbent candidate to file for a full four-year term in the March 15th election.

On February 8th, the board appointed Jessica Aguilar, a district parent and an investigator in the Durham County district attorney's office. Aguilar will complete the unexpired term of Debbie Piscitelli, who also resigned last fall, saying she felt unsupported by the board in her role as chair. In June, either John Hamilton or Michael Hood will take the seat for the remainder of the term, pending the results of the March 15th election.

Stay tuned for the candidates' responses to our candidate questionnaire!

Election Day is March 15th. Early voting begins March 3rd.


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