2016 Primary Election Day Open Thread

It's Primary Day. We vote today in primaries for Orange County Board of Commissioners for District 1, District 2, and At-Large. Orange County voters are also voting to fill seats on their Board of Education.

Did you vote early? 

What are you seeing out there when you vote today?

What are your predictions?



I voted at Kings Mill Precinct around 7:30 AM. There was a steady flow of voters. Democratic precinct had an  info table there. No candidates were campaigning.  I used my passport for my ID. One person who wanted to vote refused to say what ballot he wanted. He wanted to keep secret if he was voting in the Democrat or Republican primary. He was told he had to state which ballot he wanted and he didn't want to say. He was still arguing with pollworkers when I left.

Predictions: local incumbents will be reelected and Mark will win the open seat. Bernie will carry Orange County and Hillary will carry the state. Trump will also win the state. Turnout will be a bit higher than in 2012. Youth vote will be about the same as 2008.

Having voted early, and spending all day at work two counties to the east, I don't have much insight into what's going on today. But I'll be especially curious to see what the dropoff percentage is for everything below the presidential line. Intuition says the higher the turnout, the shakier the down-ballot races get as people who showed up just to vote for Bernie or Hillary (or maybe one or two other things) are suddenly confronted with either leaving the rest of the ballot blank, or filling it in based on order, random selection, gender preference based on a name, etc. I have no idea who that would benefit or detract from this time around, but it'll be interesting to see.

Have any of the presidential candidates been encouraging folks to vote "down the ballot"? I haven't heard it.



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