The Impact of HB2 On Orange County

We’ve heard that House Bill 2 has already had a detrimental effect throughout North Carolina, from PayPal deciding against developing more jobs here to Bruce Springsteen, Ringo Starr, and Cirque du Soleil cancelling their shows. We have not been immune here in Orange County:




Human Rights Impacts

  • Orange County’s decades old Civil Rights Ordinance has been invalidated.

  • The Town of Carrboro had a Contractor Ordinance that has been invalidated.

Economic Impacts

  • The estimated loss in revenue from just hotel stays has been estimated by the Chapel Hill-Carrboro Visitors’ Bureau at $1.2 million to date.

  • Acts have cancelled their shows at the Cat's Cradle in Carrboro.

  • Conferences and meetings have been cancelled, including:

    • ESIP Annual Conference (Foundation for Earth Science, National Audience), and non-UNC sponsored event. Scheduled for July 17-22, 2016, Cancelled on 4/15/16.  Loss of $60,140.

    • Maternal Child Healthcare Training, Gillings School of Public Health, National Audience, UNC sponsored, Scheduled for August 22-26, 2016, Cancelled on 4/15/16. Loss of $17,000.

    • Foundation of Earth Science, Checking in on 07/17/2016 and checking out on 07/22/2016. Loss of $10,710.

    • The National Maternal & Child Health Workforce Development meeting, checking in on 08/21/2016 and checking out on 08/25/2016.  Loss of $55,750.

    • The Public Management Research Association Conference scheduled for June 2017 was cancelled. Loss of $453,615 and 1780 room nights.

  • The Carolina Inn reported an immediate cancellation of $16,000 in future business according to the Visitors’ Bureau just as of April.

  • Chapel Hill is hosting the annual conference of the National Travel Journalists Association and attendees are threatening to pull out.

The North Carolina General Assembly failed to repeal HB2 in it’s short session that adjourned on July 1, 2016. The law will stand at least until the NCGA’s long session convenes in January 2017.

If you know of other impacts to Orange County as a result of HB2, please share them below.


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