Election Results (national)

11/13/16 Election Result analysis for those of you who like numbers.

The election results show how divided the US is and I hope will mean that the winning side will take in consideration some of the issues of the losing side. Personally I know that the current Electoral College are the rules of the game and I accept the results. (Since Trump won, I have been mulling over a large number of “might have beens” but will save that for another time.)

 Exit polling indicates that most women voted for Clinton and most men voted for Trump; younger voters (under 45) voted for Clinton and older voters for Trump (as always, older voters had higher turnout); minorities (Blacks, Asians, Latinos) for Clinton and Whites for Trump. Protestants voted mostly for Trump, Catholics were more split (45% Clinton, 52% Trump) while Jews and other non Christian religions voted a lot more for Clinton as did the 15% of Americans who stated they had no religion. See http://www.cnn.com/election/results/exit-polls/national/president

Most states still have to count late absentee ballots but almost 100% of the precincts are counted. Of the 3 upstet states of the Midwest that Trump won, he carried Wisconsin by 1.0% (17,000 votes) Michigan by 0.4% (9,900 votes) and Pennsylvania by 1.2% (68,000). Thus a change of 95,000 votes in those three states would have changed the electoral college to both a popular and electoral college win for Hillary Clinton. Every time the Electoral College and Popular Vote have not matched, the Republican has won and the Democrat has lost. Since 1876 this has happened 4 times. This year Clinton won 60,981,118 votes and Trump has won 60,350,241 votes.  Clinton won 12 states by more than 10% and Trump won 18 states. For the closer races Clinton won NM by 8% and Trump won 5 states (AZ,TX,IA,GA, and Ohio by 5 to 9.9 %) Most Battleground states  were won by Clinton or Trump by  1.3 to 2.9% with the exception of Va which Clinton won with 4.9%.  Also Trump missed winning Minnesota by just 34,000 votes and New Hampshire by 2600 votes. See https://www.yahoo.com/news/elections

So with just a little bit better turn out (95,000 registered voters) by Clinton supporters in states everyone “knew” she was going to win, Clinton would have also carried the Electoral College and the Trump supporters who were “not confident in the vote count or believed the election was rigged” would now be protesting.  



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