The Sierra Club Endorses Sally Greene for Commissioner

From a press release:

The Orange-Chatham group of the North Carolina Sierra Club is proud to announce the endorsement of Sally Greene for the at-large seat on the Orange County Board of Commissioners.  The NC Sierra Club supports candidates with demonstrated knowledge of local environmental issues who will provide strong leadership on matters including conservation, growth, and transportation.

Sally Greene has served a number of terms on the Chapel Hill Town, receiving the Sierra Club endorsement in each of her campaigns because of her deep knowledge of how to protect the environment, including air and water quality, while protecting equity through affordable housing.  She has expanded her reach and educated herself on county concerns, such as hydrilla outbreaks in the Eno, the need for a stormwater management plan for Hillsborough, flooding due to climate change, integrated transportation needs, stream buffers, and farm inheritance flexibility so that both farms and farmers can be resilient.

She delves into issues deeply, taking the time to learn what’s needed to understand matters facing our community.  A recent example includes aquifer recovery after drought conditions.

The Sierra Club acknowledges Sally Greene’s growth as a candidate is pleased to endorse her for this new office with a wider purview. 

The primary election is May 8 and early voting begins April 19.




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