23rd Annual CROP Walk


Sunday, March 22, 2009 - 9:30am


Carrboro Town Commons

From IFC:


Date:  Sunday, March 22
Registration: 1:30 PM at Carrboro Town Commons
Step off starting time: 2:30 PM

Please consider joining with others in the community for a four- or two-mile walk through Chapel Hill and Carrboro.  Funds raised will help to end hunger in our community as well as throughout the world through the Inter-Faith Council and Church World Service.  Invite your friends, co-workers, or neighbors to walk with you or sponsor you.  Especially during these rough economic times, your support is urgently needed!

1) Shorter route option--to allow for more individuals and families to participate
2) Lighter "Environmental Footprint"--T-Shirts are all organic and we are encouraging folks to bring their own water bottle if you have one to reduce waste at water stations
3) CROP Walk Benefit Concert--two great performances at The Station at Southern Rail (by Weaver St. Market)
                                                       March 15, 7 PM (see attached flyer)

T-Shirts are $8 in advance and $10 the day of the Walk.

A CROP Walk Benefit Concert is the Sunday before the Walk-- see attached flyer!

Please contact Shannon Gigliotti for more information or to purchase a T-Shirt in advance.


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