Annual Democratic Precint Meetings


Tuesday, March 11, 2008 - 3:00pm
Up to date times and locations can be found at:
Annual Precinct Meetings

Annual precinct meetings will be held on March 11 this year, typically but not always at the precinct polling place. At this year’s meetings, precincts will fill any missing positions in the precinct leadership, elect delegates to the County Convention, and get organized for the upcoming elections.

Precincts are the foundation of the Democratic Party in Orange County, the grassroots party organizations. Precincts register voters, make the person-to-person contacts that are most effective in getting voters to the polls, and man the polling places on Election Day.

We have exciting and important races at all levels – local, state, and national. In addition to full support for our local candidates, Orange County Democrats must provide a big turnout for the state and national elections, where the Democratic plurality in Orange County can make the difference in the statewide races. A victory in November starts with strong precinct organizations now. So attend your precinct meeting!


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