BOCC Joint Meeting with School Boards


Southern Human Services Center

7:00 – 7:15



Opening Comments








7:15 – 8:00



Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools -

       Presentation of  FY 2010-11 Board of Education Approved Budget








8:00 – 8:45



Orange County Schools-

       Presentation of  FY 2010-11 Board of Education Approved Budget









8:45 – 9:00



Closing Comments


Mr McKnight (OC board chair): Have absorbed cuts previously, cannot absorb more without teacher cuts.Dr. Kelley (CHC board chair):  OC values education.  Urge BoCC to show that by keeping per pupil funding flat. Dr Pederson (CHC super): want flat, some expenses unavoidable higher.  48.1% was set when school budget was over 50% and put in as floor (target). Worst case scenario is $5m reduction.  Education is base for county economy.  Consider an investment. 

Increases in Mandates -- Health insurance, retirement contrib = $660kUtility rate increases, charter school sharing, etc - $250k increaseLoss of grant funding - $315k increaseExpansion budget (custodial supplies, HS resource teachers) - $322kReducations - central office non-personnel, gifted ed leader, per sub, energy conservation - $469k Total local budget increase -- $1.087m  Projected enrollment increase - 94 students ($291k increase in funding) net shortfall - $730k, requires $62 per pupil increase Best case scenario -- county fully funds request, no further state reductions ($666k known), no state mandates in salary increases.   Requires $660k reduction. Middle case - same per pupil allocation, additional shortfall due to Gov recommendations.  Requires $3.3m reduction. Worst case -- County reduces funding $1.3m, Gov recommendations - requires $4.9m reductions Last 4 years already cut $4.2m Capital budget - planning at same level $1.8m  


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