Presentation- "Can We Heal Our Local Waterways? "


Saturday, February 11, 2012 - 9:00am to 1:30pm


NC Botanical Garden, 100 Mason Farm Road, Chapel Hill
Presentation offered by Friends of Bolin Creek with the UNC Institute for the Environment.



Wow, is the Town going to keep up the January pace of holding 2020 events every week? I'll never be able to keep up.

This is not a CH2020-affiliated event.

I found out about this event from Town's e-newsletter, and it was listed with other CH2020 events. Give me proof, anon, and I'll change it.

Erin,This is indeed not an official CH2020 event in the sense that Town Staff, Rosemary or I have had anything to do with its organization.  However, we were asked if we would list this event along with our "official" events and we agreed to do since it appears to be a topic that might be of interest to many of the CH2020 stakeholders.  We are trying to keep the CH2020 process as open as possible and posting such an event, even though not organized by us, seems to us to be an appropriate thing to do. 

Thanks for the clarification, George.

for providing proof and clearing up the confusion.

CH2020 is not mentioned anywhere at all at, website of the organizing group.


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