Fein and Tomasky debate impeachment @ Carrboro Century Center


Tuesday, January 15, 2008 - 2:00pm

Coalition for the Constitution will host a Debate on Impeachment between Republican Bruce Fein (pro-impeachment) and Democrat Michael Tomasky (anti-impeachment) 7pm T 15 Jan 08 at the Carrboro Century Center. "Admission is free and all citizens are encouraged to attend." The debate will be moderated by UNC Professor of Leadership and Public Policy W. Hodding Carter III and hosted by Orange County Commissioner Moses Carey. For "general and sponsor information," contact John Heuer, 919-933-6589, 919-444-3823, jheuer@coalitionfortheconstitution.com


Coalition for the Constitution appears to have added pre-registration for this event. Unfortunately that also appears to be broken as of now (at least, it 500s every time I try it).

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