Orange County Democratic Party Annual Convention


Saturday, April 9, 2011 - 12:00pm to 5:00pm


Stanbeck Middle School, 3700 NC 86 S, Hillsborough

Check the Orange County Democratic Party website for more information coming soon.






Welcome and Call to Order

Jim White, OCDP Chair

Pledge of Allegiance


Address: Congressman David Price

Andrew Short


Recognition of elected officials

Cathy Chapman, 1st Vice Chair


Approval of Standing Rules

Jim White


Election of County Officers


First Vice Chair

Second Vice Chair

Third Vice Chair



OCDP Chair


Election of SEC members

OCDP Chair


Election of District Convention delegates

OCDP Chair



OCDP Chair


Consideration of Resolutions from the Precincts

Hank Elkins, Resolutions Chair

Mark Kleinschmidt, Parliamentarian


Other Party Business

OCDP Chair





The website says it will be at Stanbeck Middle School, 3700 NC 86 S, Hillsboroughbut I'm not clear on the time. Thanks! 

I updated the event listing. Typically, we start with a casual lunch at noon with the actual business meeting starting at 1pm.  I'll post the agenda here when it is finalized. Maybe the list of resolutions being considered, too!

Can teens attend? I have been trying to make sure my son understands the innerworkings of politics (he made phone calls for Kay Hagan in Alamance in 2008 and was good at and enjoyed it). Now he's 14 and interested in observing how policy decisions are made. Obviously, he can't participate, but is there a place where he could watch?

He's more than welcome to attend! The meeting is free and open to any Democrat, regardless of age.  There should also be plenty of opportunity before the business meeting actually starts for him to meet with local elected officials and party officers, which he might also enjoy.

Politicking and registration begin at 10AM, lunch is available from
11:00AM on for a fee of $10.00, and the convention itself will begin at

Does the Orange County Democratic Party support the Afghan War?

Why don't you attend and find out? I personally don't support it, but no one person's position speaks for the whole party. Our annual convention is where we decide our collective positions on issues through our resolution process. Among the many resolutions written by local Democrats that will be up for consideration is one acknowledging that the Afghan war is costing increasing human casualties, inspiring Afghan rage and anti-American sentiment, and interfering with the economic and educational development of the country, and therefore calling for an immediate troop drawndown to speed up our withdraw. Another calls for the redirection of federal war money towards the support of local communities.  Many others address state and local issues.

I'm not a Democrat, so I won't be attending. Hopefully, folks like you with common sense and compassion can persuade the leadership to put people above politics. 

I enjoyed the process last year, getting to talk to my fellow booker-creek precinct member.  It was just the two of us, so I felt like we both had a lot of input on ranking thing.I tried going to my precinct recently too that I got an e-mail about a while back.  Usually, being a grad student in a mostly evening oriented program, its hard to get to these things, but since it fell during my spring break, and my spring break plans had fallen through, it worked out pretty serendipitously that I could attend.  I didn't see it listed on the Orange Dems website though by the time it got close to the meeting, I tried replying to that original e-mail and a phone call to to the automated phoneline to find out more but no luck finding out anything.  And sending an e-mail to the precinct chair that was never responded to.  I guess I should have tried to confirm attendance sooner, but we didn't know we could attend until it was actually pretty close to the date it was happening.  So Ted & I went by at the time originally scheduled for the precinct meeting in the earlier e-mail, but it was all lights out, empty parking lot.  I think we ended up at Wendy's instead.  I was a little disappointed that 2 e-mails, a phone call, and actually showing up at the time the event was scheduled wasn't enough to participate, but the convention was a lot of fun last time, so I might go if grad school/the job hunt doesn't keep me too busy.  I still wonder if the time just got changed, or if it was just canceled?


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