Orange County Democratic Party Convention


Saturday, April 10, 2010 - 7:00am to 12:00pm

The 2010 Orange County Democratic Party Convention will take place at the Senior Center in Hillsborough.  Come out and meet fellow Democrats, as well as the candidates for local and statewide office this May, enjoy a fantastic lunch, and conduct party business including a full slate of resolutions.

More information will be posted at the OCDP website.


Hey Jason - can you give any more details about the County Convention for a new person like me? Do we register? Is there a fee? What usually happens?Thanks! 

Hi Molly,Any person sharing our Democratic values is welcome to attend the convention.  There is no fee for attending, though we'll have an excellent lunch (probably barbecue and a vegetarian alternative) for about ten dollars. Voting delegates to the convention were elected a few weeks ago at the precinct meetings held throughout the county, but don't let that discourage you from coming.From 11a-12:30pm, while enjoying lunch you'll have the opportunity to meet many of our elected officials, as well as candidates for local and statewide office in an informal setting, before business begins about 1pm.In even years, as Mark alluded to below, the business is mostly the discussion of platform and resolution topics, some of which apply locally and others are forwarded along to the congressional district and state conventions to occur a little bit later this Spring.  In odd years, we also elect officers, as well as a slate of representatives to the state executive committee and a few other positions.  There will also be plenty of opportunities to learn about how you can get involved in get out the vote efforts for both the primary and general elections.

the Council added a day to our planning retreat.  I know several of us wish we could join all ofyou at the Convention.I'm wondering who's going lead consideration of platform items and resolutions this year?

I've never been to this event before, but I'm planning on going tomorrow with a few friends and I was wondering what is appropriate dress for this event?Do I need to show in slacks & a tie, or is jeans and a button up shirt okay? I'm pretty excited now that I've heard that the US senate candidates might be there.


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