Orange County Justice United in Community Effort founding


Monday, October 26, 2009 - 3:00pm to 4:30pm


United Church of Chapel Hill
After building relationships across faith, ethic background and economic status for almost three years, J.U.I.C.E. is ready to become a permanent organization. Leaders of the Committee have been patiently putting together the building blocks of collective power. They focused on recruiting institutions, raising their own money, traininghundreds of leaders, identifying priorities and developing a collective agenda.
The committee will become a permanent organization at a Founding Ceremony scheduled for the night of Monday October 26, 2009.  Hundreds of leaders from across the County have pledged to gather to officially launch the organization. The Founding Ceremony will coincide with an important election time in our County. All candidates seeking public office in the area will be invited to attend.Our organization never endorses any of the candidates, but we always ask the candidates to publicly endorse our community agenda.  
         Founding Ceremony:
  •     Monday October 26, 2009 at 7:00 PM. United Church of Chapel Hill 
    • The Founding is a celebration of our collective commitment for Justice. 
    • The organization will be launched by those that want to be Founding Members. Those that have completed training will be recognized, and we will unveil our new name and agenda.
    • Those seeking elected office will be invited to endorse or speak against our agenda


So I ended up on the stage for this, so I couldn't live blog, but here is a summary of the important points to this audience.Attendence was 450 -- great turnout! All candidates were asked if they would agree to meet with OC Justice United within 90 days of taking office for 2 hours to hear our agenda.  Chapel Hill Town Council candidates were additionally asked if they would address items found in our neighborhood walk of Northside and Pine Knolls a couple of weeks ago.  Carrboro candidates were asked if they would address items in a couple of apartment complexes.  School Board candidates were asked if they would address items from our parents meeting coming on Nov 8th.   All candidates in attendence replied yes and yes.    Candidates who were in attendence:CH Mayor -- Cho, Czajkowski, KleinschmidtCH TC -- DeHart, Harrison, Merritt, Pohlman, Raymond, Rich Carrboro Mayor - ChiltonCarrboro Aldermen - Gist, Haven-O'Donnell, Peck, SladeSchool Board - Brownstein, Dancy, Gucciardi


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