Women's Agenda Assembly


Thursday, October 28, 2010 - 2:00pm to 4:30pm


New Hope Camp and Conference Center, 4805 NC 86


The Women's Agenda Assembly is a forum for women's issues in our county. Our objective is to discuss four main issues: access to health care, civic participation and equality, economic self-sufficiency, and violence against women. Please register to hear about these issues and discuss them with your peers!

A statewide nonprofit, NC Women United, drafts a general women's agenda with detailed policy proposals for each installment of the forums, and coordinators and committee members plan assemblies at the local level. We recommend that you take a look at the Draft Agenda prior to the assembly.


We are still looking for volunteers for this event! We have the following needs:

  • Facilitators: Guide discussion among groups of 10 (training provided!)
  • Scribes: Record discussion from small groups.
  • Registration: Help set up the event and check in participants.



Questions? Contact The Women's Center (919)968-4610


I'll be there (my first women's agenda assembly in at least a decade!) and would love to see some of you. Here's an update NCWU just sent out:

Good morning, Women's Agenda Assembly attendees!The day of the Women's Agenda Assembly has arrived! We hope that you are as excited to share your opinions as we are to meet and speak to all of you! Join us at 5:30 and enjoy assorted fresh sandwiches, chips, and early Halloween candy - vegetarian options included.If you haven't taken a look at the Draft Agenda yet, you still have time! Please click this link for an immediate .pdf download. If you don't get a chance, not to worry- we will have agendas available at the event, and agenda summaries included in your printed program.Attendees, this will be a great event and you can make it even better- We will have registration available at the event; so please, whether you're at work, meeting a friend for lunch, or about to hit the trail with a workout buddy, let them know that they are welcome to join you in making an impact tonight! There's enough food for everyone!As always, if you have any questions, please call The Women's Center at (919) 968-4610.Until this evening,Your Women's Agenda Assembly Committee 

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