Making it semi-official, I'm running for CHCCS school board this fall


I always love to see OP readers (and your involvement in the community spreads way beyond this site, I know) stepping up to the plate!Do you know anything else about who else might be running? What are the incumbents' plans?

First, should refresh folks on what is open.  There would normally be four seats (of 7) elected this year.  However, because Joe Green left after a year's service, Jean Hamilton was appointed until the next municipal election.  So there are 4 four-year seats plus a two-year seat to be elected.   I will be running for a four-year seat. I'd rather let incumbents speak for themselves, but I believe (99% sure) there will be one "open seat" in the election.  The only thing I'm definite on is that Mia Burroughs (top vote-getter in 2007) is running for re-election.The other challenger I heard about a couple of months ago is apparently no longer planning to run.  So I haven't heard of others, but with 5 seats up, it surely must be tempting to someone.  Plus, I know I'm looking forward to working with a new superintendent - great time to jump in.


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