Carrboro Town Manager Steve Stewart is retiring.


Steve has been a good manager, and I will be very sorry to see him leave. But his timing is unfortunate. Since the BOA takes off for July and part of August and then there's an election for mayor and alderman in November, it seems like it would be better for the town if he stayed until February or later. 

Steve Stewart's retirement is good news for him, but a real loss for Carrboro town government.  Steve has been an outstanding guardian of the public's tax dollars and has ensured the efficient delivery of high quality public services.  I want to publicly thank Steve for the 8 years of outstanding service to Carrboro and over 30 years of public service as Town or City Manager of several other towns and cities around the South including Apex NC, Harrisonburg VA, and Greenville SC among others.  Steve's been a true public servant and I hope he enjoys his well-earned retirement!

In eight short years, Steve has parlayed "the little town that could" into a national model of municipal wisdom.  I predict a rich field of candidates for his position.  


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