In 24 hours we'll kick off live blogging of election results and share the collective wisdom of OP's Pundits. Join us!


Please add to the list of candidates' victory parties we know of:Chilton, Coleman, Lavelle, & Johnson: Open Eye CafeBell & Baker (maybe Storrow?): Vimala's Curryblossom Cafe Burroughs: Carolina BreweryBarrett: 411 WestDeHart: Top of the Hill

No guarantees of victory - but I'm ready for a celebration of the fun process regardless of outcome.

I understand Storrow party is at R& R Grill.  Durham transit party is at Bayu Caffe, 335 West Main St DURHAM

Lee will be at R&R tonight.  I had heard rumors that Matt C would be at Sugarland, but don't hold me to that 

Matt will be at Sugarland.

Durham part of Chapel Hill (2 precincts in Chapel H): County statewide totals link below - includes the unified Chapel Hill returns.On the statewide page if you click on "search contests" you can set up a page that has all the races you are interested in -- such as CH-Carrboro school board, Chapel Hill Town, Carrboro Town, Orange tax referendum and Durham two tax referenda (education and transit). If you use that view it does not show separate totals for Orange and Durham for Chapel Hill town elections Hil Mayor and Council with the two county unified totals will be on the state pageabsentee and early votes will go up right after 7:30Provisionals and late returned absentee ballot will be counted Wednesday and Thursday most likely.

Wow gerry, that search contests page is going to be very helpful tonight! of course folks ca nalso check back here on OP and our Twitter stream for live updates on results and some reactions from candidates and their supporters. 

Congratulations to all the winners. And thank you to all the candidates. 


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