Frustrating Forums III

The next to last forum was tonight, on campus, sponsored by UNC student government and the DTH. Pretty unremarkable.

I've figured out a format which would deal with eleven candidates.......The Weakest Link. There was a television show a few years ago where the contestants were winnowed out when they couldn't answer a question or they were voted out by the other contestants, or some such stuff (I never actually saw more than a few minutes). Applying this principle to our forums would have sent folks home early when they said something stupid. This would have dramatically reduced the candidates quickly.

In an affort to flush out Gregor Samsa. There has been some talk of a drinking game based on the Town Council candidates. For instance: every time you hear me say: "I was born here" you get to take a drink. Whenever Terri Tyson says: "For the record, I'm opposed to school merger." you take two drinks. Any thoughts on other cues?



I guess I'll go for the obvious: every time Dianne Bachman says "state-of-the-art," go to the bathroom and retch. (That's what I do anyway.)

Not me, but perhaps another poster to this list under another name, did ask the several thousand $$$$ question tonight.

Dianne, explain your campaign contributions from all those developers and from your boss Bruce R.

The question got the bland vague answer you might expect. Just as the question of Bachman's conflict of interest has gotten. But here is a chance to keep that question in play. It's real and anyone who goes to Hillsborough can follow up.

Love the 'Weakest Link' idea.

I was at the forum this evening . All the candidates seemed somewhat washed out by the process, kind of like wearing a penny down by constantly rubbing it between your fingers.

The DTH, at least, had a new angle on the town-n-gown thang.

I hope the media picks up on Bachman's dodge. She didn't acknowledge that 1/2 (or more) of her funding came from the UNC/North-prodevelopment camp (you know, the guys who think Chapel Hill is a fresh lemon needing all its life squeezed out and sold back to the community @ $50,000 a shot). She wouldn't answer if this pattern of contributions was continuing (i.e. more money, from fewer people, with special favors to be reaped). In fact, she snapped back that the list would be available in Jan. (I'll be sure to send her a copy wherever she decides to go after losing this election).

Finally, there was the usual bland denial that all this money, her job, etc. wouldn't influence her. Heck, if that doesn't influence her, what does?


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