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Non-endorsements: Who I am NOT voting for...

The rules for this post are none-say whatever you like (leave Ruby alone).Why I am NOT voting for Matt C.:Fred Black has said we shouldn’t be talking about values in this election, but I think we should. For example, let’s take a look at Mr. Czajkowski’s values:He says he loves downtown Chapel Hill,But he has promised not to move the homeless shelter out of downtown.“unless there is a complete level of comfort that crime isn't an issue” – M Czajkowski, CH News 10/18/2009“which I don't think can be achieved." – M Czajkowski CHN 10/18/2009He wants to expand Chapel Hill’s commercial taxbase,But he opposes East54. CHN 2/18/2009He wants to make development easier,But he is critical of high-density developments like Greenbridge,Except that he supports Zinn’s high density development in a wildlife protection area.I am NOT voting forDeHart because I heard him say that he thought his children should be able to play in the road. This has been a pet peeve of mine since I was on the counciland I heard countless people justify some concern or the other based on their children playing in the road. I raised three kids on Cameron Ave. and RosemarySt.

Leafblower mania

Hurricanes in Florida, air quality alerts throughout the country, the 11th worst ozone levels in the US right here in the Triangle. Global warming? We will wait a while if we are going to wait for the federal government to lead us toward a solution to this problem.

Last week we had "car free" day locally and it was a big success. Yesterday the New York Times reported that California had enacted legislation designed to cut emissions from automobiles this will be the most stringent anti global warming initiative ever enacted. (And by a state with a Republican governor.)

How do we keep the mo' going? Let's ban leaf blowers right here in Chapel Hill. Three reasons: pollution, NOISE, air borne particulate. Some 70 plus cities throughout our country have done this already, let's step up as a community and rid ourselves of these obnoxious machines. I wrote a column a couple of years ago in the Herald but their archives are impenetrable. is one of the most complete sites I have found.

Pave Paradise....


Cam Hill to Explain UNC’s Pursuit of his Cameron Ave Property

Cam Hill, newly elected member of the Chapel Hill Town Council, is in negotiations with UNC regarding the possible sale of his property at 606 Cameron Avenue to the university.

The sale of Hill’s house to the university has caused much discussion, confusion and misinformation. With this in mind, Hill is announcing a press conference to explain all details of the deal and to answer questions about his negotiations with the university. The press conference is scheduled for 3:00 pm on Monday, November 24 at Hill’s 606 Cameron Avenue property.

Briefly, in Hill’s own words, this is the story: “Negotiations started about 5 years ago when the university approached me about buying my Cameron Ave. property, which is located between two parcels owned by UNC. Negotiations ended when I rejected the university’s offer. At that time, UNC officials told me they wanted the property for a future inter-modal transport station, a place where people would get off trains and onto buses.

Fall Fun

I had almost completed a long comment to an existing post and my finger slipped and I deleted the entire thing; so I'm going to post this separately so I can use the "Save" function. I've been reading everyone's comments and I agree with all of them pretty own experience differs only by degrees.

My association with Chapel Hill politics began two years ago in July when I was running through campus one rainy morning and I found my way blocked by yet another new construction project on campus. My endorphins were stimulated and it was a full moon so I decided to run for mayor. I felt that some different positions besides go-go growth and go growth needed to be voiced. I feel that I shifted the dialogue somewhat. After eight weeks of sitting between Lee and Kevin I became terrified that Lee would become mayor, so I withdrew and threw my support to Kevin. That campaign left me branded as an anti-leaf blower, no-growth wacko.....

Four More DAZE...

It's the day after Halloween and even though I was downtown 'til past midnight I went running early and other than the people who were still up there weren't many others about..........I found two cell phones, many shoes (no pairs), pieces of costumes, diapers and lots of beer bottles. I find that either "lite" beer drinkers litter more than traditionally caloric beer drinkers or "lite" beer has taken over the market; yet another sign of the distressing decay of the IQ level in our society.........I digress, I guess.........Four more days 'til this election is over. What I want to know is: who is going to win and why? If you post the right answer here, just think of the glory! The world will be your bivalve!



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