The Eno River Association in transition

Much of the most exciting grassroots environmental work in Orange County over the past few decades has been done by the Eno River Association. Although many Chapel Hill/Carrboro folk identify the organization with Durham, this amazing and very effective group has helped protect thousands of acres of land in Orange County just this year. And they couldn't have done it without a capable executive director, Lori Olson. Unfortunately, Lori is leaving for Athens and there is currently a search process for the new leader of the organization. In the meantime, three cheers for Lori and her successes.

And thank goodness we have the Eno River Association.

Anyone have any stories they want to share about the ERA and how it has affected the local environmental scene?



Hey Rickie, I just want to tell you that I have enjoyed your guest stint this week on Good thoughtprovoking stuff!

Thanks. Normally I don't like off topic posts, but I'll make an exception with you :).


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