The West Bank Connection

Most folks in this area are pretty informed about Middle East issues. Although it's a global issue, the Palestinian crisis affects our community because of our strong academic, friendship, and sometimes cultural global ties in this college town. Well, now's your chance to listen to and talk to people who have lived in the West Bank and have some insight on the crisis. Just FYI, this presentation is geared towards the Christian faith community. However, I've heard Marthame and Elizabeth speak and have really gained some new insights into Palestinian human rights issues through their work.

Here's the announcement:


Marthame and Elizabeth Sanders, Presbyterian missionaries in Zabbedah in the
Occupied West Bank, and Father Aktham Hijazin, Principal of the Latin
Patriarchate School of Zababdeh, will speak in the Terrace Room at
University Presbyterian Church in downtown Chapel Hill on Sunday May 16 at
1:30 pm. They will discuss life on the West Bank during the current crisis,
and share part of a documentary they have made. They bring a powerful
message about the ties that bind Western Churches to their Palestinian
Christian brothers and sisters, and about the impact that the
Israeli-Palestinian conflict has had on children. Marthame will also preach
at the 8:30 and 11 am services. For more information, contact Mark Peifer
at 919-563-8443. For more information on the Sanders, visit their website.



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