New Blood Downtown

The Chapel Hill Herald reports that the Chapel Hill Museum has hired a new director, and the new Chapel Hill Downtown Economic Development Corporation is still looking to hire it's first director.

[CHDEDC Board Member Bob] Epting said Tuesday that the three applicants under consideration had made their interest known because of the notice that went around campus. But he said that didn't necessarily mean all three were UNC faculty members.

"We haven't had a discussion about those qualities, so I wouldn't speak for the board on that point," Epting said, when asked about what the board was looking for in an interim director. "Clearly, we are trying to pick somebody with an interest and excitement for both the development and the preservation of our downtown."

The board does expect that whomever takes the director's job would be paid for the work, he said.

The approved bylaws of the corporation call for it to follow the requirements of the state Open Meetings Law. The board voted publicly when it chose Kenan as the seventh member, but it has opted for closed sessions in reviewing applicants for the director position, citing it as a personnel matter.



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