Schultz Returns to Head N&O Bureau

The Independent reports that veteran journalist Mark Schultz will be returning to Orange County:

The N&O has also lured away longtime H-S reporter and current metro editor Mark Schultz, who will be in charge of both the Orange County bureau of the newspaper and its community paper there, The Chapel Hill News.

This can only be good news for the local news. It indicates a serious commitment to our area by the N&O and a willingness to compete with the Herald for coverage and circulation. The competition should keep both papers engaged in Orange County, much to our benefit.

From a reader's perspective, Schultz did a great job when he previously edited the Chapel Hill Herald. He is a fitting replacement for Ted Vaden.

Welcome back, Mark.



That is great news. Mark Schultz is one of the best editors we've had locally, if not the best. His talents were certainly under-employed when the Herald-Sun pulled him to Durham to write health articles.

With all due respect to the staff at the Herald, Mark's hire along with the pAXton-$un releasing press operators surely indicates that the copier should be printing resumes on Malette Street faster than ever. You have to admire that these folks are able to keep putting out a paper at all. By the way Dan, where was your column on Saturday? And where was Susan Gladdin on Sunday?

Obviously, the Kentucky mob knows how to cut costs, but they show no sign of growing the organization. What a shame.

Jean, I couldn't agree more. Who was
it earlier who said that the folks
from Kentucky were not used to
purchasing a paper that has

Being me, I recall having some disagreements with Mark Schultz when he was at the Chapel Hill Herald. But like I said, that's me.

I also recall Mark having a lot of intelligence and integrity. I certainly respect him and I think he'll be a huge asset to the Chapel Hill news, and maybe even to the community as a whole.

I think this is definitely a good thing.

I haven't seen this noted here: apparently the N&O is starting up "The Durham News."

What happened to Brenda Larson?

Ed, I think you'll find the answer in this article in the Chapel Hill News, where she's listed as the publisher:


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