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There are three days left to file for office, and so far the School Board, Hillsborough Town Board, and Chapel Hill Mayor are all running unopposed! Where are the challengers?

By the way, a geek who is watching the Orange County candidate filings page closely noted that OP reader Katrina Ryan filed for Carrboro Board of Aldermen today!

All of this and more can be gleaned from the new OrangePolitics Elections 2005 page!

This page will be the place to get information about all the races in Orange County. Please share it with your friends. Lots more info will be added as the race progresses. What would you like to see there? What info would you need if you knew nothing about local politics?


"Katrina Ryan filed for Carrboro Board of Aldermen"

Congrats and good luck Katrina! I have enjoyed your well-reasoned posts on OP and look foward to more. If I lived in Carrboro I would vote for you.

Hey, Robin, does that mean you don't consider Katrina to be a Marxist?

'I am not a Marxist.'
~Katrina, Robin, Karl

Wold candidate Cutson give an example of any of the nonprofits that she thinks should get funds.

I have read a lot that she thinks the town spends too much on nonprofits.

Is this not something government should spend money on?

I hope when Robin comes back she will answer whether or not Cornucopia House for cancer survivors or Club Nova for the mentally ill are the sycophantic organizations of non-profits mentioned on her website.



You'd have to be heartless after hearing some of the club nova members before the county commissioners pleading for funding to say some of the things on her website about non-profits. (one female who had some mental health issues after being raped.)

Hey isn't mark chilton part of one of these public-dole non-profits?

which non-profits that chapel hill currently funds would cutson if elected cut off the public dole?

we all know everyone plans on getting cancer or becoming mentally ill so they should be able to charge for their services or have a large number of people willing to pay for it before they become afflicted.

"WE NEED TO REIGN IN THE CREATION OF NEW NONPROFITS AND ESCALATING SPENDING ON CURRENT NONPROFITS UNLESS THEY DIRECTLY SERVE THE POOR OR PROMOTE EDUCATION The unchecked proliferation of nonprofits is harming our economies at a state and local level. There is a link between the proliferation of nonprofits (which includes the weakening of the Umstead Act); the inability of commercial businesses to compete financially; rising taxes and fees; budget deficits at the state and local level;"
"By this rationale a high priced restaurant serving vegetarian meals could also claim they were a charitable nonprofit fighting obesity; so could an upscale spa catering to the wealthy, a bicycle manufacturer, or a business that installed public swimming pools or tennis courts. In short, many times the connection between a nonprofit (or its programs) and “charity” or “public good” is tenuous at best. "

how exactly does clubnova or cornucopia house hurt commercial business? which specific non-profit groups that the town currently funds are scams as asserted on your website?

You lack a lot of specifics; what is "poor" what is "educate" these seem like very lose definitions.

"support our troops" sounds good but doesn't really mean anything.

Let me reiterate my position. I have never said we need to cut funding for all nonprofits. I have stated we need to reign in some of the spending—a suggestion also made by the Citizen Budget Advisory Committee.

I have also continually stated that I absolutely support educational nonprofits and those that help the poor and needy. I have indicated that I am against funding for nonprofits that cater to the wealthy simply because I feel it is inherently unfair for those of low or moderate incomes to be subsidizing free or low cost services to those who live in million dollar homes or who earn or have inherited large sums of money.
In other words I feel it doesn't make sense for a family earning $20,000 or $50,000 a year to be subsidizing through taxes nonprofit services or programs for those earning $200,000 or $500,000 a year or those living in million dollar homes. Call me crazy but I feel that maybe these people could afford to pay for programs and services out of their own pocket. I realize this is an unpopular position because many wealthy people do feel like they should receive free or subsidized low cost services just as many wealthy corporations feel they deserve tax loopholes. In other words, a nonprofit that offers free or low cost services “regardless of income” could be providing free or low cost services to millionaires (since they may not screen on income they simply would not know). I really don't see the problem with guidelines such as pro-rated fees based on income—this would mean the poor receive free services or programs, those of moderate incomes a reduced price, and the wealthy pay full price.

As to other guidelines, I do feel that the salaries, perks and benefits of nonprofit administrators and top employees should be posted on their websites or the Town's website if the Town makes a donation along with other financial information and lists of programs and services offered.

I also stand by my position that granting nonprofit status to for-profit businesses or allowing nonprofits to engage in for-profit business pursuits is not a good idea. Those who have spoken out against the weakening of the Umstead Act agree. You state, “how exactly does clubnova or cornucopia house hurt commercial business?” I have no idea—I have not mentioned them and have not suggested they were---I actually have no idea why you brought them up in this context.

I do feel there should be clear written guidelines in place on how the Town evaluates and determines the amount of funding granted that takes into account a way to judge the effectiveness and accountability of the nonprofit. For example my most constant criticism has been reserved for the Town's formation and funding of the nonprofit Downtown Economic Development Corporation because research has shown that there is no way to determine if these corporations are effective and the possibility of insider dealing and misuse of funds has been a problem in other areas. I will be posting more on this issue on my website in the future and due to time constraints will be off line for a time at OP .

Bill Thorpe has a web presence.

I've added a lot more links to candidate info and all of the endorsements that I could think of at http://orangepolitics.org/elections-2005 Please let me know if I've missed any.

I asked candidates to send me some basic info to make an OP voter guide, and I got about a 60% response, but I haven't had any volunteers to help compile it! :-(


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