Last dance

Today is the LAST day to file to be on the ballot for this fall's election!

Filing actually closes at noon, but I will be pretty busy until about 1pm, so please keep your eyes on this page, my friends, and report what you see! Thanks.

Also, feel free to ruminate on this: what do you think of candidates who wait until the last minute to thoroughly assess the field before they declare? Are they being strategic or just chicken?



Maybe just uncertain or ambivalent.

My vote -

either chicken OR have too many other time committments and worry they might not have time to do it well (or a little of both).

Maybe they're just finishing moving into their new apartments :)

I can certainly understand that those who are new may want to wait till the last day to see who else is running and to try to determine if their views are being represented and if they have a chance of winning.It makes sense.

Bill Thorpe filed to run for Chapel Hill Town Council this morning. That certainly makes the race more interesting- whether people think Thorpe was a good councilmember in the past or not I think we can agree that it's good to have a viable black candidate in the race.

I am filing today for Hillsborough mayor.


And it looks like our buddy Will R has filed. Why am I not surprised?

Well I certainly am surprised. I was looking forward to Will's razor-sharp analysis of candidate spending. I guess he'll be paying more attention to just ONE candidate's finances this time.

So this is it. It's 12:30.
At this point, I feel good about the personal integrity and positive approach of the following new candidates: Catherine, Randee, David, Jason, Laurin, and Jeff. The other candidates I either don't know much about, or I need some reassurrance from them that they can be constructive forces.

BTW, welcome to the race Will. Reassure me!

I rushed back to the candidates filing page to see if there was another David and to my relief there was not. Thank you, Mary, for your informal endorsement. I hope that means you no longer feel my drive to Hillsborough was made on a whim. :)

Good luck to everyone running for office, and here's a prayer for civility and goodwill.

Ok, Ray, do tell. I'm surprised. Ruby's surprised. Why not you? What do you know about Will that we don't?

Eon--I still haven't seen your name added to the list. Paul Newton has filed for Hillsborough Town commissioner.

Can someone explain to me the difference between a board of alderman, town council and town commission?

Also, while I'm asking for enlightenment, there are 2 empty seats for Carrboro board of alderman but after the election there will be another vacancy. How will that vacancy be filled? From the runners up or left to the discretion of the old board? new board?

ahh, North Carolina law allows three names for the governing board of a municipality, board of aldermen, board of commissioners, and council. There is no legal difference between the three (althought prior to the town manager movement of the early 1900s, a commissioner form of government had each commissioner responsible for a line department, as in the "police commissioner", this is lo longer true). Chapel Hill changed from "aldermen" to "council" in 1975 or 1977 by ordinance, no approval from the state is needed. The words "city", "town", and "village" are interchangeable, there is lo legal difference in NC (in other states the three terms connote different powers).

The remaining members of the Carrboro Town Board will fill the vacancy. It will be the board in office at the time the vacancy is filled, and the board can pick any person who is a resident of the town who is 21 years of age.
As to old board or new board, if the person elected mayor resigns immediately, I suppose the old board could fill the vacancy in November, but if the person resigns upon taking the oath as Mayor, then it will be the new board.

There are 3 seats,not 2 open on the Board of Aldermen. In the past the new board has made the appoitnment to fill a vacant seat. This looks like it will be a very positive election season for Carrboro.Good folks running

OOH, newsflash! The Orange County BOE now says "WITHDRAWN FROM RACE 8/5/2005" next to Aaron Shah...

Aww, shoot. Just when the number of candidates had hit double digits.

Thanks Gerry.

Jacqui--I agree that Carrboro has impressive candidates. Lucky for me I don't have to make a choice (can't vote--EJT resident).

In the past, has the board selected someone from the recent election when they are filling an empty seat or are they prone to bringing in someone new?

Hey David:

Welcome to the race, and just a tip: in the last 5 years, your potential constituents have probably had enough nationally promoted prayer to last them their lifetimes -- so they might not be too receptive to more from you :)

Terri, folks wanting to fill a vacated seat have to apply for it. Usually some of the recent candidates will apply, and it does often happen that the next-highest voter-getter (the 4th in Carrboro's case) will get appointed. But it's far from automatic, it might even be a stretch to say that it's customary.

Terri — I believe the most recent example is Diana McDuffee, who was appointed to the Board of Aldermen to fill the seat vacated when Mike Nelson was elected mayor in 1995. McDuffee had been the fourth-place finisher for alderman in that election. (Another recent example — not election-related — is Joal Hall Broun, who was appointed in 1999 after the death of Alderman Hank Anderson.)

Alan, Thank you for welcoming me to the race.

The expression "prayer" in this context ("a prayer for civility and goodwill") is not religious. See def. #5 and #6 at . I could just as well have said, "Here's a toast for civility and goodwill."

Although your interpretation is uncharitable, let me assure you that my personal spiritual beliefs are not for sale. And while I have resigned myself to the personal transparency demanded by the political process, I would never use my spiritual beliefs for political currency, nor to advance a position that would run against the conscience of the community.

Hey David:

Of course I didn't literally interpret your use of "prayer," but your sensitive reaction to my little poke of fun points out something else you'll want to cultivate for a successful campaign -- a sense of humor.

Best of Luck,


You are right, Alan, you were poking fun and I took it wrong. You're smile should have been a clue.

Not to worry, I am in the process of hiring a consultant. I'll cultivate a sense of humor if it kills me.



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