Help develop a local "Animals' Platform"

At the Compassionate Living Festival (The Power of One Conference) in RTP this past weekend (October 7-9, 2005), The Animals' Platform was presented. To explain very briefly, it is a platform that will be used at the national level to get animal rights onto the political agenda for the 2006 election season. It will be updated every 2 years for each election season. You can see The Animals' Platform at

Everyone was highly encouraged at the conference to develop an Animals' Platform at the state and/or local level. Malcolm Kenton volunteered to develop a list-serve for people interested in participating in the development of a North Carolina Animals Platform. If you are interested in joining the list, you can subscribe by going to the website at .



Dear Orange County Progressives,

I live in Greensboro and am an animal protection and environmental activist. I serve as a member of the State Executive Committee of the North Carolina Democratic Party. I volunteered to moderate an email discussion list that will work to build a version of The Animals' Platform, written by the Animals and Society Institute, specific to North Carolina and focusing primarily on companion animals (a.k.a. "pets"). If there's anyone here who cares about the lives of our four-legged companions and wants to work to have their interests represented in politics, please join our discussion list by emailing me at
Please also visit for more information about animal protection issues, laws, and groups in North Carolina.

I support the need for this Animal Platform whole-heartedly. Animals of all species suffer from falling through legal cracks and are left without rights or protection. I have gladly signed up for the discussion list mentioned by Malcolm in the previous comment and encourage others to do so as well. In the words of Gandhi "The greatness of a nation (or STATE) can be judged by the way it treats its' animals."


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