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Help develop a local "Animals' Platform"

At the Compassionate Living Festival (The Power of One Conference) in RTP this past weekend (October 7-9, 2005), The Animals' Platform was presented. To explain very briefly, it is a platform that will be used at the national level to get animal rights onto the political agenda for the 2006 election season. It will be updated every 2 years for each election season. You can see The Animals' Platform at http://www.animalsandsociety.org/animals_platform.htm.

Everyone was highly encouraged at the conference to develop an Animals' Platform at the state and/or local level. Malcolm Kenton volunteered to develop a list-serve for people interested in participating in the development of a North Carolina Animals Platform. If you are interested in joining the list, you can subscribe by going to the website at http://lists.riseup.net/www/info/ncanimalsplatform .


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