And today's appointees are: Alito and…

Who will the Carrboro Board of Aldermen appoint to the vacated alderman seat tonight? Will it be a good day for ‘conservatives'? Or will Alito have to share his big moment with Dan or James or Catherine or Lydia or... ?

There's been precious little speculation on OP about who we can expect to be appointed. Frankly, I'm stumped. What's the best thinking out there? What voting process do people want the BoA to use tonight?



He suggests that if you use votes as a criteria than selecting a lower vote getter would be difficult (I assume he means unsupportable).

He's speaking of applicants that had strong business backgrounds was worth considering - that the law background of Marold and Lydia was impressive - highlights David M.'s impressive achievement of being a dad and a multiple degree candidate

Mark was blown away to David M.'s response to the leadership question - that in all his years of forums, elections, etc. he's never heard better....

He also highlighted David Beck's impressive background in outreach - involvement -

His two candidates that have been most deeply involved in local affairs was Dan and James....

Now - it bends on the issues before the BOA - the ultimate issue is the limits of growth on our community - what will limit our growth is OWASA -

So Mark is building up to something on the environmental bent

The mayor picks Dan Coleman!

What are the land uses we should be developing?

There's a lot more work to be done - one person rises to the top of the crowd - what changes should we make in zoning - etc.

Dan! Wow!

I'm sitting next to James Carnahan and am looking over at Dan and I gotta say based on Mark's criteria you could make a great case for James....

Two for Dan

Joal - if you assume everyone is qualified

Joal - Mark alluded to the growth issue - "I was the deciding vote on purchasing the quarry for OWASA" - what are the skills you need in the long term - decisions stick with you for 20 years, etc.

Joal - "in thinking of 100 year decisions" I think the ability to look at what folk will disagree with - "while other people were thinking of basketball I was thinking of who should I select - riding on the bus..."

She's thanking the folk that selected her for BOA

Joal likes Lydia Lavelle.

In leaning towards community building - I think it's affordability is the biggest issue - with that in mind - everyone has a skill set - having reviewed all questionnaires - I believe that person is Lydia Lavell (!!!)

Was Lydia stronger on affordable housing than some of the other candidates?

Jacquie has been thinking of this decision since Nov. - she's emphasizing her 'berg-wide support and her top position on the ticket (most votes). She points out she was the 1 of 6 or 2 of 6 vote on many BOA decisions - she's not one of the inside crew - she's a progressive with some conservative values - she's looking for someone with those core values -

She's looking for someone with a different view of things - someone that's logical - someone shares the values of this town...

Jacquie picks Dan Coleman. I am surprised!

Jacquie selects Dan.

Randee: "I feel like a hanging chad." Cute!

Dan has precision logic - she trusts his instincts - he has a long history in this community - there's not an issue that we're dealing with that Dan couldn't handle...

Randee - "I feel like the hanging chad" - she's last and could throw it to Dan...

So far I'm not surprised by the votes themselves, but the reasoning is boggling my mind. How can Dan Coleman be more prepared to handle the town's land growth future than the chair of the planning board and chair of the Village Project?

GAME OVER!!!! Wired as predicted. See you next fall. What a sham.

Thankfully I cannot get this on cable, my TV is spared.

Randee - "a key plank of my platform was how do you nurture community building"

1. Respect for all folk
2. Can represent all Carrboro
3. Can handle the infusion of new neighbors from NTA
4. Communicate
5. Promote collaboration, trust

When I went through the applications I looked for someone that could build a bridge - foster the healing that the annexation decision making made uncomfortable...

someone that could be a good listener - that could bring concerned citizens to the table...

Randee developed a matrix of applicants. Top ten reasons for supporting her choice.

And her selection is... Lydia Lavelle.

Randee's top 10

10. Leadership experience - social justice - understand and comprehend the issues of diversity - pragmatic experience -

Lydia Lavelle...

Two Lydia, three Dan and one Katrina.

Mark is asking them to go ahead and submit ballots for their declared choices. I don't get why. The result will be:

3 Dan Coleman
2 Lydia Lavelle
1 Katrina Ryan

Alex - Katrina
Joal - Lydia
Randee - Lydia
Mark - Dan
John - Dan
Jacquie - Dan

Alex' selection of Katrina is so surprising that I am wondering if there is some strategy behind it.

They are doing a second round of votes now, and I reckon Dan will take it.

2nd round

Round 2 balloting -

KR - 1, 2 - LL, 3 - DC

OOPS. They voted for the same people.

Try lobbying, folks!

Third round: no change.

Why don't they discuss and try to persuade each other?

Mark's asking if they should defer to the 5th...

Alex says "we're stuck" - he seems to want to pull out....

Randee says "how much are we interested in getting unstuck"

Cat just left - I know it was tough to sit here while the balloting went on - she's courageous...

Jacquie wishes we on OP would move on and talk about something else.

B/c they are politicians, Ruby. Alex has no agenda in picking KR, right?

OP gets a plug from Jacqui - "seems like the citizens want us to move on" - it's time for OP to talk about something else...

Round 3 - same result...

Another round of voting: same result.

It seems to me that Alex should consider changing his vote since his candidate is clearly not going to win. That would be the most logical way to resolve this.

This is a leadership problem for the's the 2nd hardest decision for some - but they've had months to think about it...

Take 5. The board takes a break, I go back to stirring pasta sauce.

5 minute breather....

I don't get the comment from Jacquie. Will or Ruby, can you explain? (I'm not watching.)

Which comment?

Mark is asking the BOA to comment - Joal said she's not changing her vote -period...

I think it is VERY disingenuous for all of these Aldermen to say that all the of candidates are qualified, but then say there is only one person they could possibly select.

Jacqui pointed out she voted against annexation - she's going to suggest at the retreat that a slot be held on each of the town's boards for the annexees....

She know's it's difficult for the annexees now - but the NTA is a small part of the town - but the BOA is looking for someone to represent all of Carrboro - Carrboro's BOA is not a district oriented board - "if we make an appointment based on where people live then we'll end up next election with people running to represent their small section of town ... instead of all of Carrboro"

She makes an mpassioned plean for Dan as a man of principle...

Ruby, agreed. Seems like the BOA would come with ranked candidates anticipating just this situation.

Alex - "this isn't about geography, this is about perspective"

Alex says that this is bringing a different perspective to the table. Katrina definitely had a different take on a few of all the issues during the campaign but...her differences are not as pronounced compared to other applicants.

I'm trying to figure out how Alex is distinguishing Katrina from those like minded applicants except if he's considering that she actually ran and got voter support - which WAS one of the conditions he brought up initially for his choice....

John wishes there was some kind of Native American ritual to help them move forward...he's seen miracles...he's seen where people have changed their minds...

The comment about OP.

Shoot 9pm - I'm missing the smirking chimp!

John's making a good argument based on overall experience - that 20 years is something...

Joan, she was joking that it's time to move on because OP, Squeeze, etc. are overflowing with commentary on this decision...that it's time to move on...



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