Greener fields?

Nancy Suttenfield, a key UNC "mover-n-shaker" since 2000, current member on many Town-n-Gown related boards, is leaving UNC and is headed to Wake Forest.

Nancy's been quite busy both at UNC overseeing the recent tidal wave of capital expenditures. She's also been involved in a number of Town-n-Gown outreach efforts, such as Kevin Foy's Downtown Partnership. Not only did she help form UNC's new Carolina North committee, she's one of UNC's key representatives on that committee.

I wonder if her leaving will change the current shaky dynamic of that committee?

More from today's Herald-Sun.



I'm glad you've noted some of Nancy's involvement on the local scene.

I'd just like to add a personal note about working with Nancy. She is the steadiest person I have ever met, which gives great freedom to those working with her. It is hard to put into words the environment she created for the women (and probably the men too) on the administrative side of the house, but it is a wonderful collaborative, team environment with support, challenge and good humor. She expects us to speak our minds, even when our ideas might be different than hers.

For me, coming into the work world on the cusp of the women's movement, when being the only woman was the norm, working on campus in an environment of strong, independent women (and great men) has been a great joy and an experience that was beyond imagination when I was 22 and just starting out. Nancy's belief in us makes this environment possible and I am glad I had the chance to work with her the past six years.

Linda C.


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