Bad district plan is also illegal

This seems like a good opportunity for the Commissioners to toss out the current plans which seem to be designed to to widen the north-south divide without increasing the amount of democratic representation for diverse ideas from across the county.

State law says no more than half of a board of commissioners can be elected at-large. But in a proposal the current board of commissioners endorsed in April, Chapel Hill Township would nominate two members; the rest of the county, in its district, would nominate one member; and four other commissioners would be elected at-large.
- Commission district plan violates N.C. law, 6/14/06

I must admit I'm confused since the current board is elected 100% at-large. Doesn't that violate the law they are citing?

I'm really disappointed to see that none of the Commissioners' various proposals offer more than 2 districts. Personally, I think districts are pointless if there are not at least 4 of them, otherwise they are too big to focus on specific geographic interests.

And if I thought it had a chance in hell, I'd push hard for cumulative or instant run-off voting, and for the abolition of our pointless party primaries.



The law says IF you have any districts, a majority of the board has to represent districts. You can have all at-large, as is the current system.

I see. That makes perfect sense. Thanks, Gerry!


Let's trash the current ridiculously bad proposal and star fresh with one that addresses Orange county's new and old electoral realities:

1) Non-partisan elections
2) Super-precincts in rural and urban areas
3) Cummulative voting
4) Widen representation to 7 members

I'd hate to see the BOC pursue a modification in the law that allowed the current travesty slide through...

It's time for a robust challenge to the State laws on local elections. Orange County should come out strong for what is best for its poltical reality.

Why not just leave it the way it is? If this is the final proposal, I'll vote "no."


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