Come learn about The Peoples Channel!

Hey all,

I know many of you have seen me posting on here regarding State and Federal telecom politics..yuck.....well, I'm not going to do that tonight. I just wanted to extend an invitation to you all to come on down to The People's Channel and really see what we're all about. We all use OP to raise our voices and discuss issues, and that's exactly what we do at TPC as well! We teach people how to communicate using media, and let them air programs on our community TV cool huh? This event is also a formal opportunity for other independent media makers to share their work (let me know if you want a table) and network with others who are creating local independent community media.

So come on over on September 8th from 6-9pm and hang out, eat some free food, and meet other people just like you, who are looking for public spaces where their voice can be heard. Everyone who comes will receive free bumper stickers and an opportunity to enter a raffle for a compilation CD from our local music library, free classes and free media supplies!

Station and studio tours will take place from 6pm-8pm, following which the Peoples Channel will broadcast a live feed from 8pm-9pm. We'll have live music from local artists, plus screenings of local videos and multimedia projects.

Attendees will have the opportunity to explore the work of local multi-media artists, learn about volunteer opportunities, and discover how to take advantage of the classes, training, and facilities available at the Peoples Channel – Chapel Hill's only public access channel and local community media center.

Are you interested in learning animation? Are you an educator who would like to involve your students in media literacy or training? Are you a member of an organization who wants to explore new ways to reach out to the community? Come see what The Peoples Channel has to offer.

The Peoples Channel is broadcast on Cable Channel 8 in Orange County (minus Carrboro...wanna know why? Come talk to me September 8th!). It strives to provide the means and promote the opportunity for ALL area residents to exercise free speech through media production and distribution of cable television programming – regardless of age, gender, orientation, race, ethnicity, religion, disability, or financial situation. Our motto is first come, first serve, First Amendment!

Thank you all and I look forward to seeing you!
Chad Johnston



In my opinion Orange Politics and The People's Channel have similar missions. They both share community created media. They're both free to read and watch. Both are extensive do it yourself projects. They really care about Chapel Hill, Carrboro, and Orange County. They reflect what is great about our towns and county. So if you love OP you should be down with TPC!

In this ultra-conservative pro-corporate world its very important that we support the People's Channel. The First Amendment of the Constitution guarantees us the right to a Free Press. How can our media be trully free unless it is made by people we trust? Our neighbors are the people we know and trust. Lets help them make media.

Our world has been taken over by commercials and ads. So much so that fake news is being created by corporate media right here in NC. Community non-commercial media is a cornerstone of freedom. Without it there is little choice but commercially influenced media that worships the dollar. After all its corporate media that helped beat the drum for war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

We MUST cling onto the freedom loving locally created media we have. As Chad has pointed out our community media is seriously threatened. We are so fortunate to have the People's Channel. Go to their open house and learn more about getting involved.

Support the People's Channel!


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