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The Peoples Channel's Satisfaction Survey

Good evening OP folks,


I thought community members might find it interesting to see the results of our most recent satisfaction survey. I think it pretty accurately shows where the organization is: We’re doing a whole lot, with very little! You can view it at:

Advertisements in the sky...

So, sure, I work in the noncommercial media business and am a die-hard media reform activist so I'm a little more sensitive to these issues, but... this one made me mad enough to post. This is now day two that our community has been forced to see a giant ad being towed by a small plane. It's all part of a media campaign for the insurance company Geico (who will soon have it's very own TV show). It makes me sick that this thing is flying back and forth over the Town.

On one level, it's an environmental issue; a plane wasting fuel flying here and there for no other purpose than branding an image into our collective brains. On another level, that constant noise is really annoying. The plane flies very slowly and low to the ground, so it's very audible. On anther level, it's estimated that the average American is exposed to 2,500 ads a day. That's a lot of advertisements!

Candidate interviews on The People's Channel

Good day'ians!

I wanted to let you all know that The Peoples Channel has invited everyone in Orange County currently running for office to appear on our weekly flagship program, "TPC Weekly" hosted by myself. Each candidate is allotted 15 minutes to introduce themselves, talk about why they are interested in running and what they think the major issues are that OC community members face.

This is a great opportunity for the community to get to know the candidate outside of a forum or debate. The program airs 6 times over the weekend (see schedule) and is also posted to our web site at

I understand that some candidates reading this may not have gotten my e-mails… and I can't explain that one. I wrote to everyone that had an e-mail address filed with the County, and then made follow up phone calls. I'm pretty much a one man outreach operation here, so if I've missed anyone, don't hesitate to contact me. We still have slots open!

Support local media, call NC House members today

As you may know, last session the State Legislature passed a law which allows cable and phone companies to avoid many of the public service requirements that have existed for over 30 years. Those requirements mainly have to do with channel space and support for Community Media Centers, like Chapel Hill's own The Peoples Channel, and Public, Educational, and Government (PEG) Access channels. The bill has turned out to be a very serious blow to local governments and nonprofits like us. Many of us concerned with the legislation worked together to produce a new piece of legislation that would remedy two major problems with the bill: funding for Community Media Center and PEG channels, and deployment of broadband to rural and economically distressed communities.

The bill, S-1068 moved along quickly in the Senate and is now on the House side, but there is a fear that they won't take it on before the session ends or at all. I haven't given a call to action thus far because we thought this bill would have no problems and I know you all have busy lives. However, we need to make calls by tomorrow (Wednesday).

Come learn about The Peoples Channel!

Hey all,

I know many of you have seen me posting on here regarding State and Federal telecom politics..yuck.....well, I'm not going to do that tonight. I just wanted to extend an invitation to you all to come on down to The People's Channel and really see what we're all about. We all use OP to raise our voices and discuss issues, and that's exactly what we do at TPC as well! We teach people how to communicate using media, and let them air programs on our community TV cool huh? This event is also a formal opportunity for other independent media makers to share their work (let me know if you want a table) and network with others who are creating local independent community media.



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