Elizabeth Edwards, keeping it real

I swear Rosemary and I didn't plan this, but I just read and wanted to post about this article by my friend Micah Sifry about Elizabeth Edwards. He says she is the "only person who I think we can genuinely say is participating in the blogosphere, as opposed to just using it." One of his supporting examples is Eliabeth's visit to OP to answer some questions I had raised about the location of their new home and the status of their voter registration.

As usual, she responded openly and directly. As I wrote to Micah, Elizabeth is so smart and fierce and charming it's scary. Further proof was seen in her graceful handling of that clown Chris Matthews on live TV recently. I sometimes have complaints about her husband's policies (the same I have of almost every Democrat), but as a person I only admire her more the more I get to know her. I wish nothing but the best to the entire Edwards family.

And on that happy note... OrangePolitics will be closed for the holidays! Starting around 5 pm today until the morning of January 2nd, there will be no new posts and no new comments. Please enjoy the time - however you spend it. we'll see you in the new year.



Also, I wanted to say that I can't help but think that I'd like Elizabeth to be in the Whitehouse, so if electing John is the way to do that... well it's a very compelling argument for his campaign. ;-)

I'm so proud of you.
You and your husband represent the best of America.
And he THINKS!!!
Your ideas are for the greater good for the most.
I know that we all can't agree with everything you will do, but knowing where you come from and what you will be trying to do is the best any American can hope for.
May you continue to help bring America (and what it really stands for) back to the respect and admiration that the world bestowed upon us prior to 2000.
My heart is with you and your family in the trying times ahead.
Lawrence Feuer

Sure this is too national for OP, but I can't resist -- Orange County's own Elizabeth is on Maria Shriver's Conference on Women today.


Webcast should be starting now.


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