Save The Well!

The well at Carrboro's MLK park is scheduled for destruction. The community gardeners have researched the possibility of using the well by addressing town, gardening and community concerns. Thankful that the well has not been filled yet, we are hopeful that this new information for the town may lead to the most informed decision for Carrboro.

Tonight at 7:30 p.m. is the Carrboro Board of Alderman meeting. Please come out and support this community effort.

Dear Carrboro Board of Aldermen and Staff,

The Carrboro Community Gardening Coalition would like to express gratitude for having had so much encouragement and facilitation by the town in the creation of the community garden at MLK park. In the spirit of continuing this positive collaboration we hope that the Board of Alderman and staff may re-consider the destruction of the well at MLK . We believe that the best decisions are those made made with the most information. After extensive research and consultation with experts, we believe that the use of the well coupled with the water catchment from the shed roofs is far superior than using municipal water for irrigating the community garden.

Please follow this link to see our full reasoning:

We look forward to answering any further questions that you may have during your Board of Alderman meeting tonight.


Sammy Slade and Jay Hamm
on behalf of the Carrboro Community Gardening Coalition



About the park: wasn't the original plan to have a water park playground concept? Whatever happened to that (it's not on the master plan).

John, the 'preliminary master plan' for the park can be found here:
The area labeled "spray ground' is what you are reffering to. The community garden is currently functioning as an interim use of the park in the area shown on the map as "Open Space". The Master plan is scheduled to be implemented no sooner than 2011.

Oh excellent.


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