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S 112 Devastates Local Env. Regs and Repeals Protest Petitions‏; NC Communities Loose More Power to Rich and Powerful


Below is a link to the legislation that just passed the House.   If the Senate concurs (it apparently passed a slightly different bill) it goes to the Governor who reportedly has been involved in the development of this bill and supports it. 

Environmental overrides are on pages 9-12 under CLARIFY LOCAL GOVERNMENT PREEMPTION
Protest petition repeal is on page 12 under PROTEST PETITION

 From an article by Katherine Watt in 2010 "Shift Power Back to Communities":

Senate Bill 112 On House Floor for a vote at 11:00 AM PLEASE ACT QUICKLY!

All, I've left a mesage with Rep. Insko and with the League, please encourage folks you may know who are from conservative districts to call their representatives.
Senate Bill 112 On House Floor for a vote at 11:00 AM PLEASE ACT QUICKLY!

This bill includes language that would automatically pre-empt any local
environmental protections that are stronger than state or federal law!

Ending U.S. Military Aid to Israel

With the CH transit first ammendment issue settled for now we may be ready to engage without confusion on the other issue that was posed for local discourse:  Should the U.S. end military aid to Israel? 

The DoD notified Congress on Monday of the $647 million deal with Israel to restock the Israel Air Force (IAF) with munitions used in the over one thousand bombings conducted during the "Operation Pillar of Defense" on Gaza last month. Congress is expected to approve the deal this week.

This most recent money will be used to replenish, in our name, the armament that was used to kill 180 Palestinians, a large portion who were children, and to injure and traumatize many more. I do not support this. 

 I expect Congressman Price to not support it too...


Price & Obama Don't Allow Bush Tax Cuts to Expire, Hagan Stands With Us

From the N&O today:

"The roll call Friday was 277-148 by which the House passed a bill to avoid a Jan. 1 spike in income taxes, renew jobless benefits and cut Social Security taxes.

A "yes" vote is a vote to pass the measure."

Representative David Price voted 'yes'.  Republican Senator Burr voted 'yes.' And of course President Obama will sign it.

Thank you Senator Hagan! on Wednesday in the Senate vote, she voted 'no.' 

A summary of the bill from DemocracyNow yesterday:

NC PLENTY a currency that is trust-able ...

A few months ago I blogged on orangepolitics about the economic meltdown being fertile ground for re-invoking a revamped local exchange system. Today I came across this recent PLENTY article.

Though I am all  for the resurgence of the PLENTY and am thankful to the efforts that have been made to re-invigorate it (as a lot more people should know about it and should be using it!), these latest efforts should be respectful of the work that others have already made in its original creation, dissemination and community participation (not denying that the PLENTY project, until recently, has been neglected). 

Two extremes:

1) A few years ago I remember responding to an NCPLENTY organizational meeting public announcement advertised in the Independent, I went and it had been canceled/postponed? ... no one was there. 



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