Senate Bill 112 On House Floor for a vote at 11:00 AM PLEASE ACT QUICKLY!

All, I've left a mesage with Rep. Insko and with the League, please encourage folks you may know who are from conservative districts to call their representatives.
Senate Bill 112 On House Floor for a vote at 11:00 AM PLEASE ACT QUICKLY!

This bill includes language that would automatically pre-empt any local
environmental protections that are stronger than state or federal law!
Section 13.1 "Clarify Local Government Preemption" would disallow any
ordinance that is inconsistent with state or federal law, and in case that's
not clear enough, a specific provision has been added that says it's
inconsistent if:

5 a) The ordinance (i) regulates a field that is also regulated by a State
or federal statute enforced by, or a regulation promulgated by, an
environmental agency and (ii) is more stringent than the State or federal

Please contact
> your representative NOW to ask them to amend
Senate Bill 112 to remove the entire section 13.1 and oppose the bill.

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