Tonight - final screening at the WITT?

The WITT (Walk in Tributary Theatre) is located in Carrboro's historic community pool, 'Sparrow's Pool.' For the past year, as part of a federation of projects at the Carrboro Greenspace, the WITT has served as a space to show informative movies, information exchange being essential to a healthy democracy. This last remaining greenspace in the heart of Carrboro is being prepared for sale and perhaps development. We are losing access to the property after August 5th. Please come and experience for the last time(!?) THE WITT and what the Carrboro Greenspace could be if we save it!..

The Strategy of the Snail
This comedy, set in Bogota, Colombia, is about tenants who exercise their squatters' rights in a dramatic way. According to Colombian law, buildings that are occupied by squatters which are not claimed by the original owner after a certain time become the legal property of the tenants. After many years of quiet living by the squatters, when the former owner of the Olive House tries to reclaim the building, the tenants try everything that they can to prevent eviction, but fail. Even so, one tenant finds a way of salvaging … their dignity…

Bring a snack, a blanket, and maybe some mosquito repellent

Date: Thursday, August 2
Time: after sunset (8:30ish!)
Street Address: 116 Old Pittsboro Rd. (Carrboro)
Cost: Free

Some movies shown in the past at the WITT: Footloose, Trinkets and Beads, American Blackout, The Battle of Algiers, The End of Suburbia: Oil Depletion and the Collapse of the American Dream, Who Killed the Electric Car, The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil, The Future of Food.



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