Let it crumble?

UNC's Martin Doyle is the lead author of a paper in this week's Science with the subhead

Targeted decommissioning of deteriorated and obsolete infrastructure can provide opportunities for restoring degraded ecosystems.

Discovery News gives the pop-sci (but free) treatment, citing UMd's Margaret Palmer:

Removing unused or under-used roads, breeching certain levees and converting old military bases to wildlife refuges are "no-brainers," Palmer said. Science shows clear benefits for wildlife and human safety by removing these structures, she said.

So what local infrastructure would you rather be without? Horace Williams Airport? The Eubanks Road landfill?



Meadowmont?  Duke?

But in all seriousness, I'd like to see the pavement on Weaver Street between the market and Mapleview ice cream removed.  It's been discussed over the years, but apparently there is significant resistance to the idea from Carr Mill ownership and management. Nevertheless, the extra humanspace it would make would improve an already nice spot.  


I second the idea of closing down Weaver Street between the Greensboro Rd. intersection and the Spotted Dog triangle. It would be a great community space.



The new southern park and the area being cleared for a big box at the Orange-Chatham line. I have nothing against parks, but I don't think we should be cutting down woods to build one.

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