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My son and I took a walk over to the Southern Community Park today, there were no "Do Not Enter" signs, so we wandered around. The bike path, pictured left, used to end at Mary Scroggs. Now, it continues on a nice rolling path through the woods and then up over the hill to the park. It connects at the top to the paved section that runs from the playground at Scroggs up to the new park. The park itself SEEMS to have a long way to go before completion. But, for all I know the really hard stuff is done and wham, bam, they'll have it together in no time. I'm torn, as you will read in the captions to the pictures, between loving the new park and hating the destruction of my favorite "wild place". The kids and I used to walk those woods almost every weekend. I'm not really sure where everything is going to be located. The plan I have, which is still online at the Chapel Hill website, seems out of date. I think there is to be a skate park and a disc golf course. The basketball court and tennis courts are all but done.


I've tried to embed the slide show, but without any luck. So, click on the picture below to go to the photo page, where you can read the captions (some of which have more info about our trip).





Any help would be appreciated.

One man with courage makes a majority.

- Andrew Jackson

Hopefully this is what you wanted to do. Check out the code below to see how I did it. Replace user_id and tags as appropriate; there are some other fancier options but I'm not very well acquainted with them.

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I knew there used to be a way of doing this, but I could not find hide nor hair of it on Flickr.

One man with courage makes a majority.

- Andrew Jackson

I was biking along the path the other night at about 9pm, I couldn't make out the changes too well, but it seems they completely regraded the side of the trail and fixed the cement. I would imagine that very steep hill will provide some challenges for preventing washout.

One man with courage makes a majority.

- Andrew Jackson


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