Public Works Landscaping move (Chapel Hill)

This notice came from Chapel Hill's eNews just a little while ago:

02/01/08 - The Town of Chapel Hill Landscape Division, formerly located in the Public Works Department, has become the new Landscape Services and Park Maintenance Division, Town Manager Roger Stancil announced on Wednesday.

The new division will also be transferred to the Parks and Recreation Department effective February 1, 2008. This shift in program alignments follow the "organizational roadmap" the Manager released in the spring of 2007 that is designed to create opportunities for improvements and efficiencies in the way the Town conducts its business.

"We are very pleased with the decision to transfer the landscape division from the Public Works Department to the Parks and Recreation Department because of the close relationship between well maintained, inviting and safe parks, stewardship of our natural areas and open space and the provision of recreation services," said Butch Kisiah, Director of Parks and Recreation.

The new structure marks the creation of a new relationship designed to conserve and protect the natural setting of the Town of Chapel Hill and enhance its quality of life. The Town's renewed emphasis in providing for well maintained, safe and inviting parks, open spaces and other public spaces is the mission of this new division. The Town of Chapel Hill is known for its quality of life, scenic beauty and its commitment to environmental stewardship. The creation of the landscape services and park maintenance division will enable the Town to focus the work of providing for clean, safe and inviting parks, open space and other Town facilities and related beautification efforts, a key objective for the Town Council.


I'm wondering what effect this will have on the landscaping at the 14 Public Housing units, the downtown morning clean-up, the arborist, cemetaries, the town landscaped entrances, and the mowing crews? This does not seem like a good fit for the Landscape division. It does sound great for the parks and trails, though.




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