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CHCCS Superintendent... selected

The new school superintendent will apparently be announced Thursday evening.

Go do it!!!


Chapel Hill Long Range Transit Plan

I just left a public information session put on by the Town of Chapel Hill about the Chapel Hill/Carrboro/UNC Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP), as discussed on the Town's website. Chapel Hill's plan includes the assumption that the LRTP of the Durham-Chael Hill-Carrboro Metropolitan Planning Organization (DCHC MPO) will be adopted and that light rail will be a reality along the NC 54 corridor and on some of US 15/501. Other than that admittedly optimistic assumption, the plan is extremely feasable. Don't get me wrong, I desperately hope that light rail will implemented, but it is far from assured.

DO Transit!

The Durham-Orange Friends of Transit had its first organizational meeting last night. I had received no fewer than NINE separate invitations to go, so I figured I'd show up, especially since two of them were from completely separate elected officials, and personally extended to me directly (Ed Harrison and Alice Gordon).

Vote No - yes???

Speaking of signs, does anyone know what is up with the Vote No! signs with the 'Yes' box ticked? There aren't any referenda that I know of on the ballot, so what is it, a surrealism campaign? It's funny, at least.

Sorry I don't have any pictures - it's hard to get the bus to stop so I can take a pic.



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