Vote No - yes???

Speaking of signs, does anyone know what is up with the Vote No! signs with the 'Yes' box ticked? There aren't any referenda that I know of on the ballot, so what is it, a surrealism campaign? It's funny, at least.

Sorry I don't have any pictures - it's hard to get the bus to stop so I can take a pic.




I have no idea, but I have a feeling it might the same person (people?) behind last year's "Vernon Twinburger" campaign. If not, they should get together! ;-)

that the "organizers" are opposed to campaign signs and are using a sign to make their point.

Humor has no place in these important political campaigns. And it's off-topic.

Are you serious or just making fun?

In the olden days, there was a mutual detente and no candidates had yard signs. In my four campaigns in Chapel Hill I never had a yard sign and do not remember anyone having one for town office.  But that was the 70s Show.

The signs could mean many things: 1. Vote for Mr. No, someone presumably running in one of the many local races.2. A get-out-the-vote ploy.3. A dada-ist political statement about current political trends. 

I refuse to make a comment.

a sinister plan

Dr. No

Naturally, he'd push for increased science education, especially in the areas of nuclear power, rocketry and engineering of large, industrialized lairs.

Click to embiggen... 

I can't not believe that noone would not get the meaning of that.

Truthfully, it's not altogether unambiguous.

Is it someone voting yes in favor of voting no, or voting yes against voting no?  I'd say it's about as ambiguous as it can be.  And likely deliberately so.


having fun with all of us -- that's OK.  If the sign has a message designed to help or hurt some candidate, it's too subtle for me to understand. Ed Neely, what is the meaning that you suggest we don't get, because I don't get it. 

I was thinking it might have something to do with that crazy literature the Wolff campaign put out where they compared candidates and the column regarding "has children" was checked 'yes' for Matt and 'no' for Mark.

Hmm...did I suggest that?

I just drove down Franklin and all of the signs are gone.  Are people taking them for souvenirs or something?

I heard 2 candidates this AM who ran out and had to steal signs to place at polling places last night/early this AM.

...only saw 2 tonight down 15-501.  Am hoping a bit this continues, humour intended or not.  But after failblog's entry today, I suspect all will be gone by dawn's early light, if not before.

Well, not all the signs, just the Vote No signs.


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