Richard Florida Awestruck by It's Carrboro Video

Over at Monica Doss's blog The Monica Chronicles I found this great post called At Home in the Kingdom of Carrberia (aka the Paris of the Piedmont). It contains this quote from Richard Florida. "In a word it (the 'Its Carroboro' Video) is amazing. It is exactly the message our communities need to send, not to just to each other but to the world." Monica is the president of the Council for Entrepreneurial Development in Durham.

Now Richard [Florida] has presented new research -- The Flight of the Creative Class: The New Global Competition for Talent -- which resonates with us. His three Ts that draw people to a city: Technology, Talent, and Tolerance are strengths here. With talented people choosing what are essentially `good places to live', rather than just `where the work is the Triangle is favorably positioned. I recently sent Richard a link to "It's Carrboro" -- the "rap" video created by Billy Sugarfix, Brian Risk and other true believers -- explaining to him that Carrboro is Cary's "evil twin." He was -- to put it midly -- awestruck. "In a word it is amazing. It is exactly the message our communities need to send, not to just to each other but to the world." It's become our favorite at CED and at the Doss House. Whenever we need to get our Mojo working, this cures what ails us Watch the Its Carrboro Video. Enjoy!

How's that for a positive affirmation? I think the Mayor and Alderman should pass a resolution making It's Carrboro the "official" party song of the Town of Carrboro. [I'm a Chapel Hill resident so you Carrborators are gona have to bring the petition.]

Why pass this resolution? Because our Towns and County need to recognize home grown creativity in official capacities. But also as a collective pat on the back of everyone who makes the place we live an inspiration. We are doing something wonderful here that other communities are trying to copy. Lets recognize that we are doing SOME things right and keep doing them. Especially when it comes to Technology, Talent, and Tolerance.

via: N&O




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