Brackets, y'all

Last year there was some interest in having a tournament pool here on OrangePolitics. Since all of the online pools require registration, I figured we might was well use Facebook, where many of us already have accounts. (I also couldn't find a site that includes the women's tournament, please send me links if you know of one.)

So without further ado, I give you: The Official OrangePolitics B-ball Pool! You have to pick your teams before the first game starts on Thursday, so don't delay. To join, send me a message via Facebook and you will get an invitation.


Oh dang, I wish I had seen this before! OK, next year we'll do it on ESPN.  Thanks for the tip.

Today at noon is the deadline for filing in your bracket in the Official OP B-ball Pool on Facebook.

BTW y'all, I am updating my UNC Basketball Calendar with tournament games as they are scheduled. You can subscribe via Google, iCal, etc. and will always be up to date, even in future seasons.

Congrats to Mark Kleinschmidt and Robert Perterson who won the OP NCAA Pool on Facebook! The top 10 brackets are below.

#NameRD1RD2Sweet 16Elite 8Final 4FinalsTotal
1Robert Peterson240220280240--980
1Mark Kleinschmidt240180160240160-980
3Melissa Trachtenberg220180240320--960
4Ruby Sinreich230220200160--810
4Josh Quirk210200160240--810
6Jeff King240200160160--760
7MissAnne Thrope230200160160--750
8Tim Ross230160160160--710
9Jason Baker220180120160--680
10Luke Graysmith23020016080--670

Title corrected 8:50 am, 4/9/08.

I'm sure you're tired of being corrected, but, if we can't spell Tar Heels right in Chapel Hill, how can we expect anyone else to do it? :)  Go Heels!

Anyone want to play again? I'm investigating ESPN and Facebook. Other pool-hosting sites you like?

Or should we reserve that for the loser?

I'd say you just won my vote for 3rd vice-chair, but I couldn't make the precinct meeting, so I don't get a vote at the convention...


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