The only Carolina basketball calendar you'll ever need

Every year I put the men's and women's basketball teams schedules into a calendar that I share publicly so tha other don't have to go through this laborious task. Since I use the same calendar every year, once you are subscribed, you will automatically get the new schedule in following years.

Use this URL to subscribe (ICAL format, works with Outlook, Google, iCal, etc.) or just browse the calendar below.


2009 NCAA Pool

OK, here it is: the Official OrangePolitics NCAA Men's Basketball Pool. No money is at stake, only bragging rights. (Sorry, Facebook membership is required to play.)  Some of you will remember that last year's pool was won by Chapel Hill Town Council Member Mark Kleinschmidt and Orange County Transportation Board Member Robert Peterson. Think you can beat them?

This year we also have an Official OP Women's Pool over on the ESPN web site (where you have to register yet again, ugh) because Facebook doesn't do the women's tournament (boo).  Participation from all genders welcome. ;-) 

I'll post a reminder here when the men's and women's brackets are available. Start getting your stats warmed up...

Brackets, y'all

Last year there was some interest in having a tournament pool here on OrangePolitics. Since all of the online pools require registration, I figured we might was well use Facebook, where many of us already have accounts. (I also couldn't find a site that includes the women's tournament, please send me links if you know of one.)

So without further ado, I give you: The Official OrangePolitics B-ball Pool! You have to pick your teams before the first game starts on Thursday, so don't delay. To join, send me a message via Facebook and you will get an invitation.


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